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Author Topic: Ragnarok M Eternal Love // Official Ragnarok on Mobile Phone  (Read 902 times)

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Offline yennar

anyone already heart about it or played it on chinese servers?

You can already find it in google play stores, but download (EU) is not available yet.

Seems an official RO on Mobile Phone, but almost no infos. The videos on youtube i found are looking good though.

some examples:
First Impressions - MaskScarin
PvP / WoE Video Guillotine Cross - Infinite Cross
MvP World Boss - devzRO Gaming

is anyone playing already and have additional infos to share?


Offline eisherz

I play it almost everyday on SEA server.

As for what I can say, it is a good RO though, it has some of the same mechanics, skills/stat building, jobs/classes (no extended class yet on SEA/Global) and equipment.
Most equipment here on EL is crafted or looted from Mini-boss/MVP, and is tiered, (Tier I > Tier II > and so on) some crafted equipment when tiered to the max it'll be a brand new weapon/armor.

A mechanic for MVP/Mini-boss is also present, they are: Firepower Attracted, Damage Achieved, First Hit, Last Hit and so on. They're a point basis, for miniboss the first to hit has the most points, in MVP, the last hit has the most point.

GvG or War of Emperium is also present here on SEA/Global server, and it remains mostly the same (2 times per week), the 1st WOE of the week, is of course getting castles, killing players for points (Honor Proof (for items)) the 2nd WOE of the week is still the same, but with an added mechanics if a guild defend the castle perfectly for 15 minutes (no emperium damage) there will be a 2nd phase of WOE.

Character improvements largely depends on guild, because there is a rune mechanics here, you need to spend Guild Contribution and Gold Medals to unlock the nodes, GC/GB is acquirable by donating certain materials on guild, largely drop by mobs.

Also the game has a stamina a total of 300 to farm +60 minutes by going in the music box, the more you exceed the given stamina, the less loots you'll get in the mobs.