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Author Topic: [Renewal]A good class to farm lh3  (Read 814 times)

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Offline SukiChii

[Renewal]A good class to farm lh3
« on: Jul 27, 2017, 12:46 PM »
Just as title says, what would be a good class to farm lh3 with, specifically giant crossbows (drops from Cecil).
Any tips on stats/gear would be welcome.


Offline ggwp

Re: [Renewal]A good class to farm lh3
« Reply #1 on: Jul 28, 2017, 06:08 AM »
get smokie pet
make it loyal
give it scarf
use ranger camouflage
profit $$$
Best joke of the year.

Whitesmith are still of the most feared and most stongest Killers on PVP and WOE.