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Author Topic: [Non-Renewal] What is the different between Critlock and ASPD lock?  (Read 1433 times)

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Offline sufiasri

As per the discussion title, can someone tell me the different?

I want to know is it possible to lock mob from come near us and stay there as long as we keep hitting it?

I played Sniper with 190 aspd + critical all time but mob or player still able to come n kill me.. Is it becoz of how the server was set or it not possible to lock any mob or player at all?



Offline Playtester

I do think that critical hit lock is just a rumour. Maybe it feels like hitlock because it creates more position lag, but server-sided you just get stopped by any hit. Also most private servers aren't based on the official software and might not work the same way. Perfect hitlock is currently impossible on all popular emulators by default. The server owner would need to adjust the source code to make it possible. But it's generaly something nobody would want as it makes bosses exploitable.

Offline Esperite

For me, critlock, ASPD lock and hitlock are all the same to me, but that's just me. In the past (many years ago), it was possible to hit-lock mobs and bosses with normal attacks and some skills in private servers by default, but it was since changed/fixed.
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Offline Zereges

They are the same, but there are certain skills, that have higher hit lock (i.e. Spiral Pierce or Fire Pillar).
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