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Author Topic: Want to Lvl and farm at the same time with my lv90 hunter, but where?  (Read 6168 times)

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Offline albacore7

hi guys im new here, and my hunter is lv90 albeit pretty poor. Though recently i discovered Mavkas so im getting some decent zeny with my burning bow. I guess what im asking is what's the best way to make money and level at the same time? I find mavkas to be pretty good since its decent exp and REALLY nice drops(my rates are 5/5/3 btw), my equipment is pretty basic as well . Im a newbie so i wanna know if there are any other suggestions to this.


Offline Belldandy

Mavkas are probably the best if you're wanting Zeny and leveling at the same time.

Can't really think of anywhere else.

If you're looking for equipment, such as Brooch [1] or Glove [1], Anolians and Stings (respectively) give good EXP at that level and would drop Hunter-based equipment at 0.03% (3x)

Offline albacore7

I see, thanks for the input. i might head out to anolians for brooches then, and the card would be helpful for the archer card set. Another question though, how the hell do people become insanely rich on ro? im talking hundreds of millions of zeny, is it just by farming rare items?

Offline Belldandy

Some over-up. Some sell MVP items, cards, donates.

I personally sell items that suck / are tedious to hunt, but are required for WoErs. Specifically Tidal Shoes / Wool Scarfs. Dropping at 2.25% and 1.50% in my server (respectively), I made 55,000,000Z in a week on a TaeKwon. Slow compared to other methods, but effective at that - 55M richer after all.

Offline albacore7

wow that's really cool. Which monster would you recommend farming items as a sniper/hunter?

Offline Belldandy

Depends on your server's market. If it's loaded with Tidals / Wool and they sell for <500k/ea (with tons of people selling it simultaneously), you might want to consider just farming Mavkas or something, or MVPing.

Offline Glyph

I suggest looking into Abyss Lake as well for gear and cards, as well Kiel Dungeon. Though both of those depend on the server honestly.