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Author Topic: Minor forum updates  (Read 4379 times)

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Minor forum updates
« on: May 24, 2007, 04:25 PM »
I know, I know, these updates aren't as important as the main site updates.  Sorry to disappoint those who sit on their computer all day refreshing the Announcements section hoping to see new updates to the site.

I've been cleaning the forums for the past few days and I have noticed some things.

1. Posters double posting old server advertisement topics.
      Please do not double post your topics.  If you want to bump it to the top, you know how (i'm not going to mention anything).

2. Server advertisement posters constantly bumping their topics with every minor update.
      I understand that you people only want to have your topics on the top.  However, please don't do that with every little update.  If everybody was doing that, we'll have constant spam.

3. Shoutbox advertising
      It's funny how my first three points have to do with advertising.  I'll say what I've been saying for a while.  PLEASE DO NOT ADVERTISE INSIDE THE SHOUTBOX.

4. People think this is the forum of their servers.
      Ah yes, we have had this issue for a while now.  However, we have recently added a big, red, underlined notice on the top that seems to attract only the colorblind.  I beg you people, please stop posting questions related to your private server on this forum.  THIS IS NOT A PRIVATE SERVER

5. Foreign posters being bashed for their spelling
      Guy's, it's fine for people to not be able to type perfect English.  If you feel that their english is lacking, how about giving them a few tips?  Don't tell them to take an english class and yell at them.

Now onto the updates!

For the past few days, I've been trying to add some things that would make this forum a lot more interesting (not spellcheckers :P).  Here are some changes to the forum that everybody should know about.

  • The ads have been relocated.  For convenience, the ads aren't displayed in-between posts anymore.  Also, the frontpage ads arent stuck out into your face.
  • Youtube BBC tag was added for embedded videos - To encourage more interaction between users, people can share Youtube videos directly within posts!
  • Gallery was added in - The Gallery is accessible from the top navigation bar.  I added this in hopes that people will start sharing pictures.  I know this doesn't beat 4chan (*shudders*) but at least RMS fanatics don't have to leave to share pics :)

Not much, but hey, it's the thought that counts right?

I would also like to remind people that we have an IRC channel.  We may not have that many users but if people stayed online instead of quit, then we can grow.

Our IRC channel is located on irc.deltaanime.net, channel #ratemyserver

Suggestions and feedbacks for the forums are welcomed.
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