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Author Topic: TIP for WOE HIGH PRIEST  (Read 5835 times)

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Offline cyikes

« on: Aug 21, 2014, 01:27 PM »
 - Not all RO Servers are the same
 - Not all situations are the same
 - Play depends on whatever your purposes

Its just like a League of legends / Dota
(META PLAYER) - A player who always build a recommended items or common items.

Since I'm new here in TRANS job server with x15/x15/x5-10 drop rate, I can say Im still need a lot of experience.
Not all job class I know, Nor the items.

So just like I said before, not all situations are the same so I'll give an example.
My Stat build is
99 VIT
70 DEX
70 INT

Not too OP gear, A simple gear will do
My items so far:
Feather berret (upper head)
Blush of gloom(mid head)
Gentleman's pipe(lower head)
+8 healing staff (staff)
+4 Cranial Valk shield (shield)
+7 Unfrozen / Swordfish card - [Make your armor water property] Silk Robe (armor)
+7 Immune Wool scarf (garment)
+7 tidal shoes (shoes)
2 Safety Ring & 1 Hide Clip

This is the case:
Some people recommend AGI type cos if an alchemist spotted u, with ur high HP, you probably in danger.
Now let me tell this to you, How about if no alchemist? well that would be imposible. BUT its not 100% you will run into them
in my 1month experience, with 4 guilds with 40/40 in WOE, My High Priest items are healing staff and birreta. But I can make it alive
till the emp with my guildmates.

im still lacking some of high priest skill since Im newbie in trans, I have 10 Safety Wall and 10 KE, 5 assump
with 70 INT + (+7-+10 healing staff) you make ur heal 2.2k +
with 70 DEX you can balance ur casting time in WOE

and what is the role of your High Priest?
Some guild making plans, role character.
A priest in Save point with a role of a BUFFER / HEALER
A priest in defending EMPERIUM
A support priest

it always depends on the situation. So a Neutral priest
can do a buffer / healer with (sohee card shoes) an extra. switching with ur tidal
In our server with GYM pass that can make your weight limit higher
you can bring at least 20-30 holy water
70-100 Blue gem
Light white potion 50-100

Holy water - not too many why? Not all the times your guild are the one hus defending the emperium or breaking emp actions.
Blue gem - for your safety wall.
white potion if youre using Evil Druid armor even if NOT, this is an extra heal for yourself.

So this is how it goes..
with 99 VIT = DEF + HP
So if you were a DS sniper / status type and can't kill a priest. Would you mind killing that? ure just wasting ur SP / TIME
and as A priest, you can use SW and Pneuma

In our server, a several paladin GC type. you can avoid them. and don't use Evil druid armor = switch to unfro
and U just have to be smart priest in switching armor. In trans. thers too many job class that can enlighten the road /hmm
sorry Im not good n english. So in every WOE I used EFFECT OFF so you can't see when the wizard gonna use Storm gust
and a Clown using Frost joke. Swith Fire property when some wiz or prof put u in a stone curse and use Fire Bolt

facing champion
You can use safety wall, switch to ur hide clip

Just spam ruwach, you can use safety wall and spam ur KE

this would be ur problem if they strip ur armors / weapon..
Just avoid them

Dont know the taekwando / gunslinger
very several people are using this in our server and I seldom to see this job class in WOE

just spam RUWACH all the time
and if ur guild planning to use Emergency Call. never ever use Evil Druid armor because Wizard cast SG all the time specially
on defending emp entrance. even if NOT. whenever you enter a portal, use ur Unfro bcoz you will never know what is in the other side  /heh

Im not saying that I am PRO using High Priest
Im still a newbie with lack of experience in this era of RO today.
But in 2 weeks WOE with my High priest no items? how come they hard to kill me..
The last time I played RO before I play this month is 2004
with a 99 VIT and 99 INT
some people said that was a trash build.
well today yes its a trash build but in 2004 with no POWERED GEAR trans ?
no MONK ? no alternate job ? Its hard to kill that Priest you know..

Oh and Don't forget, not all servers are the same. In my server no BG and no effect of mini/mvp card in WOE
So try to balance your items according on what situations you're running off
Just don't build an items that someone recommended you. If they say use Ghostring card facing champ, but in ur server boss card is not implemented in WOE? well its just a waste.

and ur stats. someone say put a little in STR to boost ur weight limit. I'm agree with this but I told u before,
its depend on ur server. just Like our server with GYM pass that can boost ur weight limit.

Brain > Items
Strong Items can be defeated by Smart brain  /heh

I dont know some skills tho, How to counter stone cursed, you can use slotted sunglasses with stone curse resistance card or
headgear with stone curse resistance.

This is just a TIP for a High Priest. I hope this would help.


Offline Triper

« Reply #1 on: Aug 21, 2014, 06:40 PM »
Stone curse from snipers or profs? If you're playing a Priest, you should stack ranged reduces so you should just swap to a vshield/bradium medusa and still be fine with it. Never got a prob with it ever in any chars stacking reduces.

Offline cyikes

« Reply #2 on: Aug 21, 2014, 09:01 PM »
I have also that one but not all the cases just like I said before. I u were a sniper, instead of killing priest why don't you kill the Wiz or any job class that u can burst kill. Besides u can spam ur pneuma and SW, u also have fast cast for KE. and based on my experience. dont have any problem without ranged reduces. And if you want a cheap items & cards. you can survive without that. A proper use of Priest skill will defenitely make you alive in a long run.

Offline Triper

« Reply #3 on: Aug 22, 2014, 11:58 AM »
I was just trying to help since you asked that last question, nothing more. I played HP, and play sometimes when friends ask to, so I know how things work =p

Btw, not all snipers are made to kill, some are to make you busy since you've to stay sharp and be careful about more than 1 place which may end into a mistake from your side and you simply die/end disabled.

Offline Astraeos

« Reply #4 on: Aug 29, 2014, 10:29 AM »
For WoE? You don't need any INT get AGI. You need to for Stat Recov spamming, even with AHK and nodelay there is a limit to your effectiveness if you only have 150 aspd. You might as well wear Undead if you're against anyone using Stone Curse, you aren't going to using heal anyways. The only healing you'd ever do is Sanctuary on the Emp.

Switching to fire armor when your stone cursed doesn't do anything, you're still considered Earth 1. Stalkers in WoE shouldn't be bothering trying to strip and if your guild can afford it, it shouldn't be a problem. Stalkers though are very effective casters. In WoE 1.0 ED > Marc, Fire Wall will make you flinch otherwise and you'll die to hit lock. You also need to bring Panaceas with you, as well as awakes and candy.

Offline exii

« Reply #5 on: Aug 29, 2014, 03:51 PM »
Would have been useful in 2006.
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