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Author Topic: Question about Asura cast time (+dex) + questions about equips  (Read 8350 times)

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Offline MysticNight

I made several champions on the test server, and came to the conclusion that more int-centered builds are better for slow mvps and fast cast dex builds for fast mvps. I know everybody is aware of that already--that's not the issue I'm having right now.
I struggle with very fast mini-bosses/ mvps such as hydro or turtle general. No matter how much dex I put, I still die before being able to asura most of the times.
Also, how can I hit 130 as a champ, and is it even interesting to hit 130, enough to sacrifice other cards?
I could see a build composed of 2 vanberks and 2 mantises in diablos ring, but I don't have the possibility to farm Drings and sunglasses slot aren't implemented for non-donors.
Str 91+19
dex: 99+20
int: rest

I know it's ridiculous that my server makes sure most people won't hit 130 str, but I've decided to try and find other ways to increase my damage.
Much to my surprise, proxy skin fragment isn't necessarily better than morpheus shawl, unless it's carded with an aliot or possibly a giant whisper, so I guess that should be low on my priority list.
Also, how do you deal with not wearing orle uniform or morph set? I know people who have diabolus robes must find a way to cast fast enough to kill the mvp, and somehow I doubt they are no-cast or that their bragi slave saves them all the time.

Would it be worth it to switch to a more mid-end looking type of gears (e.g. ditch morpheus set) such as drings x2 (that I don't know how I'll farm), morpheus shawl, ulle's cap with vanberk, robo eyes and orle uniform with porcellio? I suppose (correct me if I'm wrong) that such a configuration would help me to a. cast faster and b. deal more damage, since I'd free up points for int.

I wonder if this would be enough, though, and after running a lot of tests, I discovered that beside lady tanee or variant shoees and possibly a +10 proxy, most of the other equipment isn't that helpful to increase asura damage further than 125K. I obtained 150k with an overupgraded proxy and the drobe, but got my cast interrupted all the time, so I don't think that's a realistic build.
I hoppe I'll eventually get sunglasses to boost my asura, or find a way to fight with a slow cast. Any advice?

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Offline Gene

Didn't read everything but here's a few tips:
Ulle's Cap with Incubus, Sunglasses[1] with incubus, double D.Ring with mantis and phen. D.Robe with porcellio and proxy with aliot/GW, Variants or sohee carded shoes.

You could hunt D.Rings with Star Gladiator, Sniper DS aspd build or Assassin Cross.
For snipers, let Ghost Incarnation get you to melee range before hitting him so it would not cast pneuma. For SG, just use wramth and Lv 5 Warm Wind with a properly carded book. As for Assassin Cross I haven't really tried yet but it is killable with normal atks as long as you have a good weapon.

---Pre renewal right? if it's renewal ignore everything as I don't have knowledge on it.

Offline Triper

Diabolus Ring for Poor/Not Skilled Players

Super Cheap 130Str with good enough cast[it has lex aeterna to see that's good enough for some stuff]

Sprint Set+Sohee+Porcellio is also a cheap variant shoes+Diabolus Robe+Porcellio[it's not better, just cheaper/easier to get] because it still gives you +21% sp even if it makes use of one acess :\

I always prefer to use fast cast instead of going to orlean's uniform because it's just not worth to me, it's possible to have a cast fast enough  without rely on it and if the server where you play has the phen switch thing[equip a phen, swap during the cast and you still have the phen effect with the full dmg] then you can always use that if you've problems with dropping asuras.

Offline MysticNight

Wow guys, thank you so much for the advice! I love your low budget equips, triper. How did you activate lex aertena on the calc? I haven't found the box for buffs yet. Gene, how would you kill the ghost incarnation with a Sin X or aspd sniper? Just by hitting with a half-decent weapon, or do I need any equipment in particular? I'll try to get some stuff for my champion really quick once I hit 99. I don't really know how to kill Cornus on my own, because I think asura doesn't really work on it, right? I also tried to make an SG to kill ghost on the test serv and I failed, I don't get the whole heat thing. :/
I'll run more test on RMS when I get the chance. Thanks again!

Offline Gene

I had ixion and sniper set at that time just to hunt 2 D.Rings. Well you could normal atk or spam ds but I suggest spam ds before other incarnations come. Cornuses are killable with sniper set coma or ds spam.

Offline Triper

Wow guys, thank you so much for the advice! I love your low budget equips, triper. How did you activate lex aertena on the calc? I haven't found the box for buffs yet.

^ Click at the box near the show in that red square to show it along with other stuff.