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Author Topic: Looking for some Shura PVP Tips  (Read 3712 times)

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Offline jhonhack

Looking for some Shura PVP Tips
« on: Mar 26, 2014, 01:33 PM »
Hi good day, Im was wondering if somebody could give  some advise about fighthing the other classes, I'm having a bad time specially when fightthing RK and RG, I've been looking on the web and most of the post are related to woe and they say the strategi is to use CC on them and wait for a SC mate to strip them out their equiptment, but that does not sounds like a solution for me  /wah

I wuld like to fight them back and be able to win, I'm kind of newbe on this class but I have done some research and I think I have de basis I'm gonna write down some fight scenarios that I have been facing on pvp.

Againts Rune Knight

Scenario 1: the most easier vs a tank class is going for Gfist but here I have the first disadvantage, if I use CC on them and then Gfist, they easily activate their millenium shield and after that I'm owned cuse of lack of sp.

Scenario 2: avoid the use of Gfist and try to use GoH or TC but they start to spam DB so I use pneuma followed by that they use some skill to throw me out of pneuma and again DB then dead.

Scenario 3: DPS race, supossing they face me up 1 vs 1 in a dps race I start to use TC combo and GoH but due to their parry skill and millenium shield most of my skills fails and by the time that I can get a hit I'm almost dead xD, so Its a little stressing this, any advise??

Againts RG

Pretty much the same againts this class, they are tank class and even if they has no as great damage skills as the RK, my skills still doesn't get to hurt them as much as I want it. so this becomes a weathring fight wich almost all the time I losse.

Thanks for reading and sharing, and if you know some strategies againts the rest ofthe classes would be great if you could share them, I mean some strategies besides just useing CC and wait for a teammate to kill them  /hmm


Offline Kagamine Rinto

Re: Looking for some Shura PVP Tips
« Reply #1 on: Mar 28, 2014, 02:46 AM »
I don't play  third class but for you RK problem of being knocked out of pneuma, why don't you set up a pneuma where they will knock you back to?

Offline chillxdd

Re: Looking for some Shura PVP Tips
« Reply #2 on: Apr 19, 2014, 02:03 AM »
If you have access to God items, Brynhild is a good choice for the no-knockback and more GFist damage. If not, strong shield is your option, or RSX too if you have it. Also Pasana works like a charm unless it's an updated 175/60 server with DB water.

Decrease AGI before engaging in combat is good strategy because you need to get away after a GFist if ever they survive.

Against RK:

Scenario 1: After Gfisting and they cast millenium shield, you don't have SP so try to speed pot + halter lead (mount) out of the situation so you can escape. Go back with SP and snap in then do windmill so you can pneuma yourself before doing your combos to deplete their shields. CC for lock then try another GFist while their shields cool down.

Scenario 2: Pretty much covered by my example of scenario 1.

Scenario 3: Use Crescent Elbow as a a deterrent so they don't try to cast HS on you. Wear your pasana so DB won't hurt a lot. If you have no-knockback gears then stay under your pneuma if they try to DPS you. Most RK skills that hurt are ranged so if you do it right, the worst case scenario is that none of you die.

Against RG:

This is just a game of luck, if you have a very strong GFist damage then you can keep trying it on them until they don't guard successfully. If they have reflect on, you must have a lot of HP to withstand the reflect damage.

Against other classes:

Other classes are pretty easy to fight, use TC against non-shield users and for those with low HP pools.

GFist chasers because if they survive your TC they can masquerade you easily.

Snap around to avoid hell's plant from genetics, bad genetics would wonder why they can't cast hell plant anymore (when they don't notice they have 6 on the ground already.)

Avoid dispels from sorcerers definitely and snap around so you don't get in their AOE especially in DD to avoid crystallize.


I hope you find this helpful, if not then I'm sorry, this is only based on my experience after playing Sura in PvP for 1 week. I usually main RK/RG/Genetic.

Offline jhonhack

Re: Looking for some Shura PVP Tips
« Reply #3 on: May 06, 2014, 06:49 PM »
WoW thank you very much chill those are really helpfull tips :D I really apreciate them, now I'm gonna put them in practice and I tell you how they were :D  /no1