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Author Topic: Discussion on champs  (Read 1728 times)

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Discussion on champs
« on: Feb 03, 2010, 09:08 AM »
ok well i play on a crystal based server which is really complicated and i would love the help of anyone who has experienced any other crystal server... would love a equipment guide for a champion who uses fo but im not good at well mixing these custom armour sets if anyone has every played crystal server please help me..

also well ive been here for quite a while but i just cant seem to get a build good enouhg to kill everyone i can afford most equips and i know how to gear swap during a duel and fo spam but im totally stumped on my build...

max lvl is 255 and max aspd is 196 instant cast is 150 and we get 10k status points...
 here r card nerfs

FBH 25% Matk
Hodre 10%
Thara 15%
Tirfings 15%
Executioner 15%
GTB 10%
Everything else is the same.

please try to help me atm im always worried bout if i will ever get better and the sad part is ive been playing shr's for 5 years but now this is a high rate + crystal custom armour sets which make it so much more confusing, for once i just want to go out there and actually win some duels.

oh yes also here r the custom armour sets.. and these include armour shield garment and shoes

crystal armour set: hp regen
Evascance set: physical reflect
aura set: magic reflect
loki set: flee
odin set: reduction to race
Thor set: reduction to size
siegefried: increases dmg but little resist
freya set: resistance and against properties (but is made so u cant get 100% to all properties)
sol: long range resist

this server has all four slotted equips and gtb cannot be stacked

i wouldreally apreciate and advice eve nif it is a litlle advide still would love to hear u opinions but please try to help...
also a card build would be apreciated too if u guys r feeling generous.